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WTC Building 7 Collapse: Opinions Review

There are so many facts, videos, reviews and TV shows devoted to the Building 7 collapse, that this news making event over flooded the Internet. We decided to dig for some of them and collect the evidence and interviews of experts.

Tony Szombati, Mechanical Engineer

At the Fox News he answered to the question ‘does he believe in the fire cause of WTC 7 destruction or consider it false’ that he consider it false for a couple of reasons: building 7 went into a sudden collapse across the full width and left it a building for 2.25 seconds which amounted to 105 feet, and it was full free fall acceleration that is impossible because the natural collapse columns would have to buckle, when they do so it is the minimum resistance it means it never goes to zero. He suggested it is a form of demolition devices that brought it down so fast.

Geraldo Rivera in that interview supposed that everyone sees the professional demolition of buildings leaving a footprint after collapsing. So he pointed that the footprint of WTC 7 was exactly similar.

Bob McIlvaine, whose son had died due to this catastrophe, wanted the New York City Council to open its own investigation.  The group of engineers and other supporters of that idea set up that Building What campaign. Then they asked for the independent investigation. He is to find out the reason of his son died as dozens of other people that became victims.

Larry Silverstein, Leaseholder, World Trade Center

“They were not sure they are gonna be able to contain the fire I said we have had such terrible loss of life if the smartest thing to do is his part and they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse”.

Rosie O’Donnell, co-host, ABC talk show The View

While saying she didn’t know what to believe about the U.S. government’s involvement in the attacks of Sept. 11, she said, “I do believe that it’s the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel. I do believe that it defies physics that World Trade Center tower 7—building 7, which collapsed in on itself—it is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved.”

James Meigs, Editor in Chief of Popular Mechanics. Interview on NY1 News

”What we have tried to do in our book at Proper Mechanics is to look at those facts look at the claims of conspiracy theorists themselves are making and see if there is any factual basis to it.”

He commissioned this exhaustively research 2005 report which became a book. Newly updated and we released it examines 25 911 theories and finds no scientific basis for any including the demolition of Building 7.

The gloomy morning on the 11th of September

On the 11th of September, 2001, all the Americans became New Yorkers. The two planes had crashed into the World Trade Centre Tower. People were horrified by what they saw. There were the massive holes in the buildings and the terrifying fireballs spreading the damage around and killing everyone on their way. Some people managed to survive, whereas the majority – almost 3000 in total –  were perished due to the 9/11 attacks. Here in memory of the lost 9/11 victims, there is a huge National September 11 Memorial. This is considered to be the sign of the fact that people from all over the world pay their respectful tribute to the memory of the dead ones, that were of a number of nationalities. The people who paid with their lives under the rubble deserve no less than that. The children lost their devoted parents, a mother and a father experienced the grief of burying their own child. They all were loved more than they will ever know. This Memorial is a tribute to all the beautiful memories they left behind.

Unsolved mystery: what actually happened is under a secrecy veil

Nowadays, there are a lot of the organizations who are in the charge of the monetary 9/11 donations. People from all over the world can make some contributions to help building a place for the commemoration of all the victims or to provide some particular families with the financial assistance. There also are the ones who call into question the objectivity of the Commission Report. For instance, Remember Building 7 is a campaign led by the relatives of the 9/11 victims to raise the awareness of the ruination of the World Trade Centre Tower through different forms of the advertisements.

These days, a lot of people together with some senior engineers claim that the collapse of the buildings was caused by the controlled demolition. Apart from the minor assumptions, there is a major reason for them to think so. The steel in the tower could not melt due to the fuel in the airplane…

So, what is hidden behind the spurious speeches of the TV news reporters and the false titles in the newspapers? The Remember Building 7 team encourages everyone to join them in calling upon the authorities to open a new investigation. Every single person concerned can contact the representative of  this campaign by filling in the form on their official website. Alternatively, it is possible to help the team by letting the elected representatives know that a lot of people support the investigation into the collapse, by spreading the information to millions of people using social medias or by making the donations, especially now, when the online payments are in a one-click when using a credit card. Our responsibility is to pay the tribute to every person who died in honor. We still do not know for sure what these people actually died for…

The Most Compelling 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

What was the reason why three WTC buildings have fallen exactly in that way? Were fires created by airplane crashes a sole reason of such a horrendous damage? Even though panic from these events has sealed, a lot of people still leave these questions unanswered. Many people still doubt a theory about external terror viewing the major reason in an internal conspiracy led by the US government. And they all are able to literally fill you up with arguments from their side.

Key arguments of conspiracy theory supporters

Since the first and the second WTC towers have been ruined by an attack, the US government has provided sufficient amount of research concerning these ruins. There were a lot of people who have made key emphasis on peculiar and suspicious details including:

  1. Molten iron remains, which couldn’t have been the result of a fire. Only explosion can provoke temperatures of that volume;
  2. Remains of nano-thermite, one of the most powerful explosives employed by the US forces. As only internal forces could attend WTC buildings and get legal access to such explosives, the US government conspiracy theory has gained much higher popularity;
  3. The fact that falling towers didn’t hurt other buildings by its debris and entire parts of buildings. Although Tower’s construction was developed in a way that in case of a damage, the whole building falls straight down under a gravity power, there still remains a suspicion that no explosion has been exploited;
  4. Ruination of a 7th building, which was not hit by airplanes. Although an official theory suggests that the key reason was debris from damage to two Towers, a lot of people stay suspicious of why their effect became significant enough to ruin building 7.

Despite conclusive arguments, most conspiracy theory representatives were not accepted, they all were forced to leave their Universities and positions. Recent research has shown that there was no molten iron in buildings but molten aluminum parts, whose melting temperature remains easily attainable by fire. The single issue which continues to invoke suspicion – nano-thermite particles presence as no one has done a sufficient research on their nature. Although this case stays closed by government services, it never stayed resolved enough to make any straight conclusions.

Conspiracy theories can never undermine a tragedy

Who should take the whole responsibility for hundreds people death, terrorists or government officials? Does it really matter, was it some sort of conspiracy for starting a war or an act of Jihad. The truth is that we shouldn’t pay so much attention to questions which we might never find answers to when we can honor people who died and who maintains 9/11 memorials. This is the right time for making your donation and if you have a credit card you can do it without even leaving your house. Make your donation now and honor people who died in a catastrophe.

Seven Facts About Building 7

Building 7 was a high-rise building and was part of the World Trade Center complex. It collapsed at 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001.

  1. Today we can observe the new building with the same name and address. The first one was built in 1987. Due to the consequences of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the first skyscraper was destroyed. The present WTC was opened in 2006 on the same as the previous site. As well as the first WTC 7 the second project was developed by Larry Silverstein. He is a lessee of the site owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
  2. The original building had 47 floors and a stone facade. The current structure has 52 ground floors and 1 underground and is one of the 28 tallest buildings in New York.
  3. It was the first commercial building in New York City, that received a “gold” rating LEED certificate from the US Green Building Council. LEED – is a worldwide certification program created by the nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and issuing special awards among “green buildings”. It set rating systems for the construction, design, operation, and maintenance.
  4. Since the collapse of the WTC 7, the report provided an extensive list of recommendations for checking existing and planned buildings and changing existing building codes and rules to prevent such catastrophes in the future.
  5. The second documented phase of a collapse of the building lasted 2.3 seconds, in which the building was in a state of free and symmetrical fall along 8 floors. Those who dare to say it is intended collapse, arguing that such behavior of free fall and symmetrical crash indicate a controlled destruction of the building (when all the columns are simultaneously destroyed by explosives intentionally). At about 2000 engineers and architects supported this opinion by signing a petition to the US Congress, which requires a new independent investigation with a comprehensive review of the possible use of explosives.
  6. Why is the 7 World Trade Center, the only tall steel building in the world history, collapsed due to fire alone? Because it is the only one in the history to burn uncontrolled for 7 hours. NIST (investigating company) argued that diesel fuel was not influential and as well as the structural damage from the Twin Towers destruction. Enough water absence to lessen the fire was crucial. The fires caused floor beams expand and girder off its seat, floors fail around 79th column on 8-14 floors.
  7. Do you know that this building was also called Salomon Brothers building? This had happened due to the reason Salomon Brothers leased top 19 floors for the period of 20 years. Nevertheless, in 1989 these floors were accommodated due to Brothers needs.

Inconsolable grief that can never be forgotten

September 11 caused inconsolable grief to the families of the thousands of the fallen victims. And to make matters worse, someone interested and concerned hides the truth.

Except for the famous Twin Towers, there was one more building that was destroyed on that day. How come less than 1% of the world population knows about that? Fortunately, there is a project called Remember Building 7 that aims at raising awareness of what has really happened. This campaign is a TV, print, and out-of- home ad project led mostly by the family members of the 9/11 victims. They are sure that the world deserves the truth and that the fallen heroes deserve their eternal rest in peace.

A Building 7 collapse: what the witnesses said

Nowadays the hundreds of the videos and the depositions of the witnesses prove that Building 7 was brought down. Here is what a New York City Fire Department Assistant Chief Harry Myers said, “When the building came down it was completely involved in fire, all forty-seven stories”. In addition, there are hundreds of the depositions that prove that it was not brought down but destroyed. Vincent Massa, a firefighter, explained that no one let anyone get closer and help. It looked like everyone was expecting the building to be ruined. And William Connor, a pоlice officer, said that approximately at 11 a.m. the Building 7 was still standing unlike the Twin Towers. It was burning, though. His team tried to make a contact with a FDNY Chіеf that had his people controlling the situation from the Post Office building. We were ready to take actions, but he claimed that the fires in the building were no more controllable and that we should have just given up. Moreover, the police officer explained that the loading bay was not on fire at that time, but they surely heard the explosion sound deep inside the building.

Was a collapse really imminent?

The Remember Building 7 team calls into the question the objectivity of the official version about the Building 7 collapse.  Wasn’t it worth at least a try to prevent the building from being brought down? Were all the hundreds of lives just a nothing for those who keep this horrible human tragedy in secret? Back in 2011, on the 10th anniversary of the collapse, the Remember Building 7 project was trying to open a new investigation and to spread the truth around the world with the help of the devoted supporters who understand the importance of finding out who is behind this. The partners and the sponsors of this campaign were working hard on spreading the information about the project on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, there was a team’s bank account intended for making the funds and donations easier to transfer using a credit card.

It remains to hope that the responsible ones will be brought to justice one day. May God grant the fallen heroes eternal peace and may all the families who lost their close ones have the strength and courage to overcome this grave loss.