September 11 caused inconsolable grief to the families of the thousands of the fallen victims. And to make matters worse, someone interested and concerned hides the truth.

Except for the famous Twin Towers, there was one more building that was destroyed on that day. How come less than 1% of the world population knows about that? Fortunately, there is a project called Remember Building 7 that aims at raising awareness of what has really happened. This campaign is a TV, print, and out-of- home ad project led mostly by the family members of the 9/11 victims. They are sure that the world deserves the truth and that the fallen heroes deserve their eternal rest in peace.

A Building 7 collapse: what the witnesses said

Nowadays the hundreds of the videos and the depositions of the witnesses prove that Building 7 was brought down. Here is what a New York City Fire Department Assistant Chief Harry Myers said, “When the building came down it was completely involved in fire, all forty-seven stories”. In addition, there are hundreds of the depositions that prove that it was not brought down but destroyed. Vincent Massa, a firefighter, explained that no one let anyone get closer and help. It looked like everyone was expecting the building to be ruined. And William Connor, a pоlice officer, said that approximately at 11 a.m. the Building 7 was still standing unlike the Twin Towers. It was burning, though. His team tried to make a contact with a FDNY Chіеf that had his people controlling the situation from the Post Office building. We were ready to take actions, but he claimed that the fires in the building were no more controllable and that we should have just given up. Moreover, the police officer explained that the loading bay was not on fire at that time, but they surely heard the explosion sound deep inside the building.

Was a collapse really imminent?

The Remember Building 7 team calls into the question the objectivity of the official version about the Building 7 collapse.  Wasn’t it worth at least a try to prevent the building from being brought down? Were all the hundreds of lives just a nothing for those who keep this horrible human tragedy in secret? Back in 2011, on the 10th anniversary of the collapse, the Remember Building 7 project was trying to open a new investigation and to spread the truth around the world with the help of the devoted supporters who understand the importance of finding out who is behind this. The partners and the sponsors of this campaign were working hard on spreading the information about the project on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, there was a team’s bank account intended for making the funds and donations easier to transfer using a credit card.

It remains to hope that the responsible ones will be brought to justice one day. May God grant the fallen heroes eternal peace and may all the families who lost their close ones have the strength and courage to overcome this grave loss.