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Remember Building 7 Village Voice Ad Promotes Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

June 21, 2012

Ahead of the New York premiere of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s “9/11: Experts Speak Out” on June 24, the Remember Building 7 campaign contributed a small portion of the $85,000 it raised during the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 to place a double full-page ad in the centerfold of the June 20 Village Voice. The massive ad, featuring quotes from eight architects, engineers and other technical experts, was calculated to reach between 250,000 and 300,000 New Yorkers in the last week of June, continuing Remember Building 7’s success of educating large numbers of New Yorkers about the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7.

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Siena Poll Finds New Yorkers’ Doubts About 9/11, Building 7 Persist

June 8, 2011

Amid its June 6th launch of 425 advertising spots on New York television, Remember Building 7 – an advocacy campaign calling for a new investigation into the collapse of a third skyscraper on 9/11 – has released findings from a new poll it commissioned on what New Yorkers believe about that day.

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The NEW Building 7 TV Ad is Here

March 26, 2011

The new Building 7 ad is here, and with your support, it will be saturating the NYC airwaves one month from now.

Since December we have raised over $75,000.  We now need only $25,000 more to launch the second round of TV spots, which will reach another one million viewers and bring us even greater media exposure—the kind of exposure that will ignite widespread discussion of Building 7 and generate enough public pressure to bring about a new investigation.

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BuildingWhat? Round 2

December 5, 2010

We are very pleased and excited to announce the launch of a new fundraising drive for the next round of BuildingWhat? TV ads. Before going into the details of Round 2, here is a brief recap of what has happened to bring us to this point:

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9/11 Family Group: Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera Are Right to Question Building 7 Collapse

December 1, 2010

NEW YORK CITY  — Today, the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN), a group of family members of those killed in the 9/11 attacks, issued the following statement:

We who lost our loved ones on September 11, 2001 vigorously applaud Judge Andrew Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera for the courage they have shown in publicly questioning the official claim that the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 was due to fire.

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Geraldo Rivera Interviews 9/11 Family Member and Engineer About Building 7 Ad Campaign

Posted on November 24, 2010

On November 13, Bob McIlvaine and Tony Szamboti appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s show “Geraldo At Large” on Fox News to talk about the “BuildingWhat?”  TV ad campaign.

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“BuildingWhat?” TV Ad To Begin Airing on Election Day 2010

Posted on November 2, 2010

On Tuesday November 2, Election Day 2010, the BuildingWhat? ad will begin airing on TV screens all across New York City.

The ad will air 350+ times and is estimated to be seen by millions of viewers in the New York Metropolitan area, reaching core target audiences multiple times. The ad will appear on thirteen channels including MSNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, HGTV, Logo TV, Bio TV, Versus TV, MSG, Sports NY, VH1, HLN, CNBC and Bravo.