Ongoing Advocacy

Nearly ten years since September 11, 2001, concerned citizens across the country and around the world continue to raise questions about the official account of those tragic events.  As research evolves and public awareness increases, calls for a new investigation have become more organized and more prevalent, even despite the passage of time.

NYC CAN and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth are leading the way in educating our public officials and asking them to open a new and independent investigation into the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7.

At the Local Level

In early 2010, NYC CAN — on behalf of 9/11 families, first responders, survivors and millions of concerned citizens worldwide — educated the entire 51-member New York City Council through two separate phone and fax campaigns. Over a period of several weeks, more than one thousand concerned citizens contacted the offices of three council members per day to inform them about the destruction of Building 7. Up until 9/11, Building 7 housed the Emergency Operations Center for New York City’s  Office of Emergency Management, which means the City Council has jurisdiction and can use its subpoena power to investigate Building 7’s destruction.

Concurrently, NYC CAN together with members of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, has met with a quarter of the City Council Members and their staff, and will continue meeting with the City Council until it takes accation.

In June 2010, NYC CAN also coordinated a letter-writing campaign to the Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. during which more than 1,000 letters were sent laying out the evidence pertaining to Building 7.

From the fall of 2010 to the fall of 2012, thousands of concerned citizens have contacted City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.

At the Federal Level

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, now representing more than 1,700 licensed and/or degreed architect and engineer petition signers went to Washington DC during the 2010 September 11th anniversary for the second year running and met with more than a dozen staff from several congressional representatives together with their constituents to present in person the scientific forensic evidence relating to the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7.

AE911Truth also delivered to hundreds of representatives and senators in person a VIP packet, which included the DVD “9/11: Blueprint for Truth, AE911Truth’s corporate brochure with evidence cards, and the new 9/11 Investigator newspaper.  AE911Truth is following up these deliveries with letters to their science advisors, asking them to look specifically at the engineering and physics problems associated with the free fall descent of Building 7.

And, on September 9th, AE911Truth held a press conference and Mock Debate at the prestigious National Press Club, conveying to the media and Congress the scientific forensic evidence relating to Building 7’s destruction.  AE911Truth petition signers held more than 60 satellite press conferences around the US and the world in support of AE911Truth, achieving local TV coverage in 4 cities.

Following AE911Truth’s trip to Washington DC in 2009, one congressman was compelled by the evidence and wrote a letter to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) asking about the investigation of nanothermite, an explosive incendiary found by a team of scientists in every WTC dust sample they tested. Unfortunately, to date, NIST has only responded with boilerplate letters.