Building 7 was a high-rise building and was part of the World Trade Center complex. It collapsed at 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001.

  1. Today we can observe the new building with the same name and address. The first one was built in 1987. Due to the consequences of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the first skyscraper was destroyed. The present WTC was opened in 2006 on the same as the previous site. As well as the first WTC 7 the second project was developed by Larry Silverstein. He is a lessee of the site owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
  2. The original building had 47 floors and a stone facade. The current structure has 52 ground floors and 1 underground and is one of the 28 tallest buildings in New York.
  3. It was the first commercial building in New York City, that received a “gold” rating LEED certificate from the US Green Building Council. LEED – is a worldwide certification program created by the nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and issuing special awards among “green buildings”. It set rating systems for the construction, design, operation, and maintenance.
  4. Since the collapse of the WTC 7, the report provided an extensive list of recommendations for checking existing and planned buildings and changing existing building codes and rules to prevent such catastrophes in the future.
  5. The second documented phase of a collapse of the building lasted 2.3 seconds, in which the building was in a state of free and symmetrical fall along 8 floors. Those who dare to say it is intended collapse, arguing that such behavior of free fall and symmetrical crash indicate a controlled destruction of the building (when all the columns are simultaneously destroyed by explosives intentionally). At about 2000 engineers and architects supported this opinion by signing a petition to the US Congress, which requires a new independent investigation with a comprehensive review of the possible use of explosives.
  6. Why is the 7 World Trade Center, the only tall steel building in the world history, collapsed due to fire alone? Because it is the only one in the history to burn uncontrolled for 7 hours. NIST (investigating company) argued that diesel fuel was not influential and as well as the structural damage from the Twin Towers destruction. Enough water absence to lessen the fire was crucial. The fires caused floor beams expand and girder off its seat, floors fail around 79th column on 8-14 floors.
  7. Do you know that this building was also called Salomon Brothers building? This had happened due to the reason Salomon Brothers leased top 19 floors for the period of 20 years. Nevertheless, in 1989 these floors were accommodated due to Brothers needs.