What was the reason why three WTC buildings have fallen exactly in that way? Were fires created by airplane crashes a sole reason of such a horrendous damage? Even though panic from these events has sealed, a lot of people still leave these questions unanswered. Many people still doubt a theory about external terror viewing the major reason in an internal conspiracy led by the US government. And they all are able to literally fill you up with arguments from their side.

Key arguments of conspiracy theory supporters

Since the first and the second WTC towers have been ruined by an attack, the US government has provided sufficient amount of research concerning these ruins. There were a lot of people who have made key emphasis on peculiar and suspicious details including:

  1. Molten iron remains, which couldn’t have been the result of a fire. Only explosion can provoke temperatures of that volume;
  2. Remains of nano-thermite, one of the most powerful explosives employed by the US forces. As only internal forces could attend WTC buildings and get legal access to such explosives, the US government conspiracy theory has gained much higher popularity;
  3. The fact that falling towers didn’t hurt other buildings by its debris and entire parts of buildings. Although Tower’s construction was developed in a way that in case of a damage, the whole building falls straight down under a gravity power, there still remains a suspicion that no explosion has been exploited;
  4. Ruination of a 7th building, which was not hit by airplanes. Although an official theory suggests that the key reason was debris from damage to two Towers, a lot of people stay suspicious of why their effect became significant enough to ruin building 7.

Despite conclusive arguments, most conspiracy theory representatives were not accepted, they all were forced to leave their Universities and positions. Recent research has shown that there was no molten iron in buildings but molten aluminum parts, whose melting temperature remains easily attainable by fire. The single issue which continues to invoke suspicion – nano-thermite particles presence as no one has done a sufficient research on their nature. Although this case stays closed by government services, it never stayed resolved enough to make any straight conclusions.

Conspiracy theories can never undermine a tragedy

Who should take the whole responsibility for hundreds people death, terrorists or government officials? Does it really matter, was it some sort of conspiracy for starting a war or an act of Jihad. The truth is that we shouldn’t pay so much attention to questions which we might never find answers to when we can honor people who died and who maintains 9/11 memorials. This is the right time for making your donation and if you have a credit card you can do it without even leaving your house. Make your donation now and honor people who died in a catastrophe.