What You Can Do

Contact your representatives

At the Local Level

Your council member already knows the facts about the collapse of Building 7. Email your council member to let him or her know you support a new investigation into the destruction of Building 7. Only with the support of their constituents will the City Council muster the courage to do what is right.

At the Federal level

Email, write or call your elected representatives. Ask them to visit RememberBuilding7.org and to support an investigation into the collapse of Building 7.

On the Ground

Do you have a smart phone?

Keep the “Remember Building 7” ad on your phone so you can share footage of Building 7 on the spot with anyone you are talking to.  A downloadable video is available here.

On the Internet

Social media networks

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others are powerful tools to spread the word to millions of people quickly. Use any social media to share the RememberBuilding7.org website and the TV Ad with your friends and relatives.

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Stay up to date on new developments so you can keep your friends and family informed. Being on the RememberBuilding7.org mailing list will also allow you to be involved in campaigns coordinated by NYC CAN and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.